Since long I had a longing to learn REIKI as I have heard much about it . My desire resulted in a meeting with ANURAG sir in 2007 I got reiki first degree in the same year I felt that reiki brought me a positive changes in my nature and it almost released me of

    Mrs Aruna Bais

    I had prayed to my angels to send me a Reiki teacher it was the next morning I found Anurag on facebook he is a GREAT REIKI TEACHER the class he has taught me online has given me so much power and positivity he has proven to me the power of REIKI and the ability

    Abigail Newman Spiritual Artist

    I am so happy that Dr Anurag is reaching out to people in the united states . I feel that this country has became so Narcissistic and cold a lot of people are feeling the emptiness and it seems that working hard and going to school for many years is not playing off as much

    Natasha Love Lightworker

    I am Elena Embry Yesterday I just completed my reiki 1st degree course . For over a month I had been talking about taking this course with ANURAG and he promised me that the end of 1st degree I would feel  complete . I would feel less stress . ANURAG IS AN AMAZING TEACHER .

    Elena Ebry

    I have been practicing reiki level two for 1\2 years and kundlaini reiki for a year now I have had a some pretty good results . but I felt something was missing with reiki master Anurag I had a very good feeling about him and I proceeded to take his reiki 1st attunment course I

    Cecilia brown